my sex pistols collection

my sex pistols collection

my sex pistols collection

 my personal pictures 2



"continuing from my personal pictures"


                          sex pistols hammersmith apollo,london 2nd september 2008 (combine harverster tour)


                                        johnny rotten,looks like i caught him in the middle of sneezing! haha


                                        jones again!i dident realise how many pictures i got of steve! haha


                                                                                      fatty jones


                                                                            the rotten bugger is back!


                                  the boys taking a quick break! johnny has the useual bottle of whisky haha


                                                                                 back on with the show


                                                an amazing shot of steve i think,best picture iv ever taken!


                                                                      look at that belly! but he dont care 


 matlock there,it was quite hard to get a good photo of him cos he was to far away from me,all i had was just a bog standerd camera!


                                 i know its a crap picture but still its a photo from there last ever U.K gig! 2008


                                                                                         happy jones!


                                                                                          sex pistols!


                                                                              were pretty,pretty vacant!


                                                                                      sweaty jones!


                                                                                 you dirty old man










                                                                                    rambo and john



                                                                                          no FUN!





at this moment john announced that it was steve jones birthday and these are two picture at where everyone sang "happy birthday dear fatty" to steve!


                    i think these two pictures are from when the crowd was waiting for them to come back on (the encore)



                           sex pistols birmingham carling academy,Birmingham 11th july 2008 (combine harverster tour) 

                                                                 this was there first U.K gig of the tour


             my best mate troy,show of his swastika and a message to anyone who pushed him at the gig that i drew for him and 


                                                        outside the birmingham academy and troys head haha


                                                                         the audience gathering up!

                                                                                yeah F**K YOU! (malcolm mclaren)




                                                                                            still waiting!


                                                                                       good evening!!!


                                                                                     !!! sex pistols !!!!


                                                                     sex pistols we salute you!


                                                                              having a johnny good night


                                                                                      your a liar!!


                                                                             dance to the sex pistols!


                        the academy after the show! the whole street was full of punks :) then it started to rain :(