my sex pistols collection

my sex pistols collection

my sex pistols collection


 my personal pictures

                    sex pistols brixton,london 8th november 2007 (holidays in the sun tour)

                      my dad on the bogg getting ready to go and see the sex pistols

                                 my dad ready to go and cause some anarchy at brixton

                                                my dads raven sex pistols shoes


                                         me in the hotel room ready to go pogo.    


                                 me again in the hotel room.looking very happy.

                                                 outside brixton.the main event

my dad inside brixton.waiting for the sex pistols.but no we had to have a fucking DJ.for like an 1 legs were fucking.i couldent     pogo.CUNTS

   the cribs support band.this is the lead singers bass.when i saw it i was like omg theres glens bass.quick

                                    but then i was like nah glens is not that clean

         inside brixton.this is the control center.where they control the lights and sound .shit like that

                                        you can just about see the cribs drummer.

 sex pistols just coming on stage.the bloke is with the union jack jumper is guy called John 'Rambo' stevens he runs the website.

                              the boys getting ready for there first gig at brixton.

     steve jones.waving to the crowed.and with his amazing guitar.and the flag above his head.has been

                                           signed by all the pistols aprt from sid.R.I.P


                         the pistols perform there first song at brixton."pretty vacant"

                                                   johhny doing his famous faces.

                all the boys in one shot.finaly got one.shame you cant see old cookie that well

               i think this is my best picture.all the boys in one shot amd this time you can see paul.yay!!

                     bit of a crap picture really.but hey johnnys is the spot light.and paul

                        no johhny in this picture.well you can just see his arm on the left.

                                                           johhny cant hear you!!

                                   johhny getting a bit nackered.but HE DONT CARE!!


                  sex pistols hammersmith apollo,london 2nd september 2008 (combine harverster tour)


                   my dad "tony" and my best mate "troy" walking up the road to the hammersmith apollo

                                                          ouside the hammersmith apollo 


                             special guest band (dont know who they are,but was pretty good) 

                   sex pistols tour amps andtour  drum kit covered up  and they are due on stage in about 20 miniutes  :) 

                                    a staff member at the apollo setting up the sex pistolsd set lists

      sex pistols tour amps,i think these amps have been touring with the sex pistols since 1996 on the filthy lucre tour


 paul cook's ,premier,union jack tour drum kit ,same as the amps i think the kit has been touring with the sex pistols since 1996 on the filthy lucre tour


                                                    sex pistols combined haverster tour banner

 steve jones playing the opening song "pretty vacant" about 5 seconds into the song beer was flying everywhere and all down my back haha!


                       steve jones bit of a blurry picture this one cos i was at the front and was geting pushed around


                                                                               steve jones again!

                                                             sir of rotten (john lydon) A.K.A johnny rotten

                                                                                   rotten again!

                                                                                 group shot!

                                                                                  john rotten


                                                                                      and again!




                                                                                  another group shot


                                                                         my names my john!


                                                                          steve jones! guitar hero


                                   glen matlock,not really that much of a good picure,that damm light!


                                                                         and the crowd went wild


                                                                        steve jones a brilliant cat burglar


                                                                                      jonesy again


                              steve looking rather hot,well its probery those pie and mashes he had everyday!


                                     more photos from the hammersmith gig continue on "my personal pictures 2"