my sex pistols collection

my sex pistols collection

my sex pistols collection



sex pistols nashville,kensington,london                           sex pistols  Nippon Budoukan,Tokyo,Japan

flyer 29th april 1976(17th gig ever)                                 flyer 4th november 1996(filth lucre tour)


sex pistols Nippon Budoukan,Tokyo,Japan                           sex pistols Long Island,new york,tommy

16th november 1996(filth lucre tour)                                     hilfiger jones beach theater.21st august 2003

                                                                                        (north American Tour)


sex pistols god save the queen promo                            sex pistols Axion Beach Festival, Zebrugge,

sticker for the god save the queen 7'' single                    belgium.20th july 1996(filthy lucre) FRONT    



    sex pistols Manchester, M.E.N Arena,this                   sex pistols live at the longhorn dvd flyer.

    flyer has loads of other events at the M.E.N                  on sale 21st december 2003 in japan.

    arena.17th november 2007.



                                           these bunch of flyers were given out in the

                                               queue at London, Brixton Academy

                                                      on the 8th november 2007

                                                         (holidays in the sun tour)

                                                    that night i saw the sex pistols.:-)



                                 sex pistols exhibition flyer at manchester,urbis tickets £3.

                                                  26th may-7th august 2005

sex pistols Zenith,Paris,France 4th july 1996                   sex pistols, Nautica Stage, Cleveland, Ohio, USA

(the filthy lucre tour)                                                            13th august 1996(the filthy lucre tour)

a sex pistols voucher/coupon to celebrate the release of "never mind the bollocks here's the sex pistols"  and also get £1.25 off the album.voucher was only to be used on the 6th november 1977(the colour of this voucher is  fluorescent yellow but shows up white when i scaned it)


 a carling academy flyer with loads of differant events and venues for the "carling academy birmingham"

has the sex pistols listed on the 11th june 2008 as a sold out gig (back) and (front)

 a japanese tokyo flyer for the 2008 "summer sonic" festival which the sex pistols attended as part of there 2008 "combine haverster tour" there name is on the flyer as one of the major bands to be playing,the festival is a two day event,the pistols played both on the 09/08/08 and the other on the 10/08/08.