my sex pistols collection

my sex pistols collection

my sex pistols collection


sex pistols live at the 76 club anarchy in the uk.prism leisure corp.2001

sex pistols flogging a dead horse.just a best of the sex records LTD.1986

sex pistols jubilee is an excellent collection that brings together work from their landmark never mind the

 bollocsk album with bonus tracks, live recordings, and three videos.the book has pictures of some of there

7" singles with history behind records LTD.2002

sex pistols filthy lucre live Recorded live at Finsbury Park,London. Mixed at Townhouse Studios,London

this is a promotional copy.there are two stickers one on the C.D and one on the case.1st reads:license

for promotional use.not for sale.this cd cannot be transferred without consent of record company. use

or retention of this cd signfies acceptance of this license.2nd reads:legal notice license.this cd is

property of the record company and must be returned on is licensed for promotional use

and has not been sold.this cd cannot be transferred without consent of record company.use or

retention of this cd signfies acceptance of this license.quid records.1996

sex pistols spunk.original 1977 bootleg album.contains sex pistols demos.comes with card board sleeve to put over the cd case.2006.sanctuary records group LTD.


sex pistols early daze the  studio collection.12 sex pistols demos.dojo LTd.1993

sex pistols/neil barnes.god save the queen/god save the queen dance mix.promotional records LTD.2002

sex pistols never mind the bollocks here's the sex pistols.comes with a free mini poster of the classic albums front records LTD.1986

sex pistols kiss this.compilation cd.they have been remastered.comes with a free poster of loads of

differant pictures and on the other side is questions and answers by the sex pistols about each song

on the cd.really good read.found some stuff i dident records LTD.1992

sex pistols the great rock n roll swindle.this is the sound track to there movie.comes free with

a poster of pictures taken from the records LTD.1993

sex pistols.never mind the bollocks heres the sex pistols.japan release.comes with a poster the same

one you would of got free with the 1977 nmtb.also comes with english/japanese lyrics sheet.and its a

record type emi limited.dosent say when it came out.

sex pistols best of british a 3 cd box set with contains some rare songs and can see what

songs there are on the 2nd picture of this box set.comes with a book filled with infomation about

there main releases has some rare pictures alwell.welll worth records LTD.2002


sex pistols live at chelmsford top security prison.1997.jade music Co.LTD.



 sex pistols "god save the queen"  T.V/karaoke version.on ring of the C.D it says " virgin records america for promotional use only not for sale" gavin walsh says this is an acetate and a is re-writabel CD which it is,cos i can actual see where the song infomation has been burnt onto the disk.made by virgin records